• Rydrako

    Legendz Amino

    February 17, 2018 by Rydrako

    Hello everyone! If you're a Legendz fan then you should check out our community on Amino.

    Amino is a mobile app and a network of communities you can create and explore. The Legendz Amino is currently a small community and a place for us fans to chat, blog, post, and have fun.

    You can join us with this link.

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  • ThanatosArisato


    June 14, 2017 by ThanatosArisato

    Legendz fan here.

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  • Parsonsda

    This is a quick blog to say what we're hoping to achieve here, Legendz has been a popular show for many years, but recently the fans have started to regrow as if by magic, so with a growing fan base it time to bring back the fans! help this wiki grow by putting in the information you know about the show to share with others, such as English and Japaneses names, toys and comics (*Warning*: There are some "Adult" Comics found about this show, please "Don't" add them to this wiki as this is safe place, and people of all ages visit).

    We're also we're hoping to have your art on this wiki, you won't need account to upload, but making a wiki account will give you Bonuses such as:

    • Removed all Adverts except the homepage
    • Your own userpage for you to d…
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