Bruno Sparks is Dino's father. He is married to Melissa Sparks and lives in the same mansion as Dino.

Not much is revealed about him until Episode 16, where his background history is revealed.

Physically, he is similar to Dino in his appearance, and is only slightly taller than Dino. While DIno has yellow-orange hair, Bruno's is more of a maroon-purple colour.


Bruno arrived in New York from Minnesota after high school and worked in various jobs until he reached a job as a production line assembler in a toy factory. After that he made his first toy with his friends, the Push-up Kun.

After a few years, Bruno set up his first company in New York, Duck Duck Toys. The toys were made by Bruno (he was the only employee). He then made the Sit-up Kun

Bruno first met Melissa at a bakery when he took a break from toy-making. He had little money then, and so he asked for a bottle of milk and some bread crusts. He returned regularly for the same items. After some time, he noticed that there was suddenly butter on the bread crusts and rushed back to the bakery where Melissa was working to ask if she had put the butter. After that, their relationship developed. He then develpoed the Pull-up Kun, which impressed Melissa. Bruno proposed to her on Christmas that year with a handmade ring.

Subsequently, Melissa joined his company, helping him with making his toys.

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