The Dark Wiz Company, or DWC for short, is a company that makes toys for children.

In the manga, the DWC does not make much of an appearance, and its CEO is the father of Leo. Its purpose in the manga is the same as in the anime: to make toys. However, it does not have as large an antagonist role as its anime counterpart, instead that role is taken by Skeleton Lord Lich.

It served as the host for the Legendz Carnival.


President of DWCEdit

DWC President

The DWC president on vacation (Ep 34)

A small man who controls DWC in place of the CEO. He is constantly bullied by Ranshiin, mostly due to Ranshiin's dislike of the air fans or because of their failed attempts to obtain the Wind Talispod. In one episode, he is seen on vacation, where he screams that he hates Ranshiin, happily getting it off his chest.

Ranshiin the WindragonEdit

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Ranshiin is a black Windragon who works at DWC, although he is constantly bullying the President. He dislikes the fact that there is no wind in his office, which is shaped like a cavern.

Bunny BrookmeyerEdit

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A purple-haired woman whose job was to obtain the Wind Talispod from Shu. She has a short temper though she is actually kind-hearted. She starts wondering about the true intentions of DWC and decides to quit. She then gets a job at DMC.

J1 and J2Edit

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Two agents who work under BB. They are referred to as J1 and J2 - or when addressing both, JJ - because they both have the same name, Jack Johnson. They quit DWC and start working at DMC when they realize that DWC has harmful intentions.

Sasuke MatsutaniEdit

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A middle-aged man who is Shu's father. He gave the white 'defective' Talispod to his son.


The self-proclaimed Fire Saga, he accidentally unleashes Greedo. He is very timid and has few talents. His Legendz his Fire Giant. He was fired from DWC in his debut episode and went on a road trip with Fire Giant, meeting Dandy and Dino's mom.

Ms General AffairsEdit


Parkinschwaltz and Ms. General Affairs

She is a polite-speaking woman who randomly appears to aid BB. She is also referred to as Soumu-san.


An absent-minded scientist who talks fast. He made several search devices for DWC, used in the earlier parts of the anime.

CEO of DWCEdit

His appearence is late in the anime. He is Halca's father, Yul Hepburn. He became CEO of DWC to spread the joy of Legendz, but when his wife fainted at the sight of Ranshiin, he decides he should destroy them instead. He made the first Talispod. He is manipulated by Jabberwock and kills Halca in the original timeline.

Duck Mind CompanyEdit

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A smaller toy company that made copies of other well-known toys, including the Talispod.

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