Duck Duck Toys is a small toys company created by Dino's father Bruno Sparks. It was formerly known as 'Duck Mind Company' until Once Upon A Time In The Wind, when it folded and was renamed.


The Duck Mind Company was a small company created and ran by Bruno Sparks. He created the company since his toys were not popular at sales. It parodies Dark Wiz Company in many ways. The Duck Mind Company fabricates cheap Talispods that break easily as well as making copies of other famous toys.

As of Episode 28, it was renamed Duck Duck Toys. BB and the JJs worked in this company after they quit their jobs working in DWC. Since it was renamed, it begins to create more original toys of its own, such as a mini Rapper King toy.


Bruno SparksEdit

He is Dino's father and president of DMC. He created the Talisdam though it failed to work before being told that Shu's father used to make Talispods. He enlisted his help and they were able to perfect it.

Sasuke MatsutaniEdit

Shu's father who worked at DWC. He helped Bruno perfect the Talisdam, making two others later, both for Shu: the Wind Talisdam and the Spiritual Talisdam.


  • Talispad- An imitation of the Talispod created by Dark Wiz Company. It breaks very easily.
  • Tamagoppe- A parody/copy of Tamagotchi.
  • Push-Up/Sit-Up-kun- Bruno's first toy. It is a doll that can do push ups or sit ups. It is not very popular in sales that prompts Bruno to create this company.
  • Talisdam (not sold)
  • A Mini-Rapper King toy