Ken is the main character of the manga version of Legendz.


He is a normally aloof kid who takes Legendz seriously. His Legendz is the Windragon Shiron (シロン). He is the Wind Saga. He's really been influenced by Eiji Yashiro, after he had been beaten twice by him and ruthlessly pressed Shiron into training, resulting in Shiron being one of the strongest Legendz in the region. Ken has a way of forcing others to drink his green tonic (that his grandmother made) for him; once his grandmother accidentally

Ken and Shiron

stuffed it down Yuki (a friend of Ken)'s throat, and he had pushed Shiron into doing so as well.
Yuki tricked to drink the green tonic

An example of Ken tricking someone else (Yuki in this case) to drink the green tonic.


Ken is about a boy at Ryudo Elementary School who, along with his loyal Windragon, Shiron, battles other people who raise and train legendz. He later enters the Legendz Carnival competition, where he learns of an evil that threatens the world.


Ken makes a Cameo appearance in the Legendz Anime on episode 23 where Shu gradually "morphs" in the form of Ken as the sceen switches back and forth between him and Shiron's transformation to Comando Windragon.
Untitled 2

Episode 23

Likewise, Shu also makes his Cameo apperance as he appears in the Manga in the last few pages when Ken travels to America.

Unlike the Sagas in the anime, Sagas in the manga physically possess the Symbol of their element somewhere on their body. The Crest of Wind appears on Ken's forehead when he awakened his powers.