Killbeat Debut

Killbeat's debut in Episode 25.

Killbeat Appearing

screenshot from Episode 30


Killbeat the Bicorn (キルビート(バイコーン)Kiburito the Baikon) is a dark Legendz that debuted in Episode 25. She is the arch-rival of Greedo the Blazedragon.


Past Legendz WarEdit

She was the rival of Greedo, Wolfy and Leon, as they became the Volcano Elemental Legion, and they tried to defeat her and other fellow dark legendz, but they failed to protect Selba, Greedo's previous Saga, whom she murdered.

Legendz : Tale of the Dragon KingsEdit

She debuted in episode 25, where she was given instructions from Ranshiin to wreak havoc on the city with Lesser Gargoyles, in order to provoke the Tornado Elemental Legion to appear. She also attacked Shiron with her Ruby Dart. She left the scene before the two Elemental Legions started to fight.

In episode 30, she re-appeared, as she was given order from Halca to fight Greedo. Both the two remembered their pasts and started to fight. Killbeat was on the upper hand with her Necrom Thunder until Greedo fainted. She tried to finish him after she tortured him with fake incarnations of Selba, but Dino interrupted the scene. She tried to kill Dino but failed when Dino started singing the Legendz Club Song, causing Greedo to transform into Command Blazedragon, defeating her. But she returned for a second time, in a ghostly shape, but she was still defeated, and Greedo shot her Souldoll, which shattered into pieces. Whether she has revived or not is remained unknown.