The Legendz Club (レジェンズクラブ Rejenzu Kurabu) is a club created by Shu in Episode 29. It has a theme song and a cheering song, both made up by Shu as well.
Legendz Club

Legendz Club logo

Although everyone was against the idea of making the club (except Mac), Shu insists and starts making up names; Legelegelegendz Club (like his baseball team: Rikirikirikisu) and Legendz and Happy Friends. In Episode 30, Dino sings the club's theme song and activates Greedo's Command Blazedragon. Their uniform was a bandanna with panther dots pattern, which is never used because they think it make them looks stupid.
Garion 2

Club uniform, Episode 29


Shu: President

Mac: Beautification

Meg: Bunny Caretaker

Dino: Etiquette Counselor

Shiron: Vice-President

Garion: Lunchlady

Zuou: Nurse

Greedo: Treasurer

Wolfy: Coach

Leon: Librarian

Ranshiin: Electric Fans Repairman


  • Shu almost always forgets everyone's title.
  • The titles everyone holds is never shown to be used as supposed.
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