This is the list of volumes and chapters of the Legendz (Manga) series.

Volumes and CoversEdit

Volume # Summary and Chapters Cover Characters Cover Image
Volume 01
  • Chapter 001- The Tornado Comes!
  • Chapter 002- Volcano Hacker
  • Chapter 003- Spiritual Inheritor
  • Chapter 004- Eternal Champion


  • On his first day at school, Ken is challenged to a battle by Hosuke Dekai, a top Legendz player. Armed with his gigantic troll, Hosuke can't wait to teach Ken a lesson in humility, but even more- he wants to win the school's Legendz tournament, and the prized Golden Soul Figure, by any means necassary!
LegendZ Cover Art 1
Volume 02
  • Chapter 005- Pool of Radiance
  • Chapter 006- Burnout!!
  • Chapter 007- Earthquake Trooper
  • Chapter 008- True Crystal


  • Ken's classmates Ririko and Hideaki are kidnapped by students of a rival school as bargaining chips for the coveted Golden Soul Figure, and it's up to Ken and the top LegendZ players at Ryudo to save them! Trapped on the top floor of Kokuryu Elementary, the hostages can only pray that their friends have the power to fight their way up- past hordes of Blackhounds and other nasty surprises- and liberate them!
LegendZ Cover Art 2
Volume 03
  • Chapter 009- Spiritual Wind
  • Chapter 010- Saga of the Tornado
  • Chapter 011- Necrom Menace
  • Chapter 012- Crossing Force
  • Chapter 013- Volcano Nemesis


  • Ken and his rival Kaoruko recover the mysterious crystal that will prove her scientist father isn't a crackpot. But Leo, the ringmaster of the Legendz Carnival has other ideas and will do anything to get his hands on it. Their explosive duel finally releases the true power of the Golden Soul Figure, but will it be enough to stop the forces of Darkness that are closing in on Ken and his friends?!
LegendZ Cover Art 3
Volume 04
  • Chapter 014- Last Saga
  • Chapter 015- Overlord
  • Chapter 016- Jabberwock Reborn
  • Chapter 017- True Wind!
  • Chapter 018- LegendZ Become Legends


  • Ken, Kaoruko and Leo set off to South America to rescue Leo's sister and Ken's friend Ririko from forces of darkness known as Necrom. Their quest takes them deep inside Necrom Palace, a place crawling with dark Legendz of enermous power. There, Ken and his friends will face the greatest test of their abilities in the battle to stop the resurrection of Jabberwock, the lord of Necrom!
LegendZ Cover Art 4