Meg Sprinkle

Meg Sprinkle (メグ・スプリンクル, Megu Supurinkuru) is the "Saga of Water". A pink-haired girl who is a friend of Shu. Her Legendz is Zuou the Bigfoot. Originally, she was comfortable with the idea of Legendz existing (normally just Shiron hanging around with the kids), but as the series progresses, Meg begins to develop an intense dislike of them and fighting, because she feels that those are ruining the normal life she and her friends once had; she also admits to Legendz being physically frightening. Meg has a tendency to take pictures of people and things. Her most noteworthy trait is that she possesses a great deal of common sense among the three friends. As an intended running gag throughout the anime, whenever Shu does something that irritates Meg to the limit of her patience, she delivers her "Meg Chop" to Shu's head (in one case, she has used the chop on the Maze Octopus "Rapper King"). Meg's Talispod is blue and made of water.

In Episode 13, she starts to hate Legendz due to the trouble they have caused her friends. She is then accidentally kicked by Garion and left unconscious, upsetting Zuou who appears out of a nearby pond. She wakes up in the episode in Zuou's arms and is very frightened. After that, Zuou starts following her. She always tells Zuou to stay away from her; however, in Episode 26, Zuou makes a Talispod from water for her. Meg throws the Talispod and Zuou grabs it. In the following episode, Zuou gets tired from battling a group of Golem and drops the Talispod. Shiron gives it to Meg and she returns Zuou to his Souldoll. Then, Halca tells Meg that Zuou will stay in its Souldoll forever if she doesn't Reborn him. In the next episode, she puts the Talispod in a fridge. Near the end, she takes the Talispod to the greenhouse in which she reborns Zuou and tells Zuou to leave. They are then attacked by a pack of Hellhounds, but Zuou defeats them and dances with Meg. From then on, Meg and Zuou became good friends, and Meg starts to dislike Legendz less.

Meg makes a cameo appearance in the last chapter of the manga along with Shu.


In the last episode, she refuses to let Zuou leave. She wants to take a picture of him, but takes her camera out too late, as Zuou has already disappeared. After losing her memory of Legendz, she sees Nezuccho some time later in a hole and calls it cute.