Octopus Strikes Back (Japanese: タコタコハマってさあ大変 The octopus was nipped, how horrible) is the 12th episode of the Legendz anime. It aired on June 20, 2004 and is directed by Akitaro Daichi.

Octopus Strikes Back
Season 1, Episode 12
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The episode starts from the end of the previous one. BB's Legendz isn't Reborn, instead it is singing. Shu Reborns Shiron who proceeds to defeat the DWC goons. BB drops her Talispod while being blown away. It falls in the sewer. The Legendz inside the Talispod continues to sing. However, as time passes, it begins to exit its Talispod. A few days later, JJ are dissapointed that their bonus was cut along with BB's and they begin to blame her, but when she arrives, she explains that she convinced her superiors to restore their bonus if they find the Talispod she lost. The DWC goons begin to search for it, with no results even after Perkins tries to help them. Shu and friends are walking when they see that the sewers are blocked. They head to the underground to find the cause and come face to face with the Maze Octopus. Mac recognizes the song he is singing and Shu realizes that it's BB's Legendz. Rapper explains that he's stuck just as BB and JJ arrive. BB sends J1 to find the Talispod in the sewer.

In the meantime, everyone begins to pull on Rapper's tentacles to try to free him, but they are unable to pull him out. Steve arrives and tries to eat the Legendz again. J1 arrives with the Talispod, which BB uses to call him back. However, it doesn't work. Everyone begins to work together to drench Rapper, who's drying up. Meg convinces Rapper to try to save himself, which he does, washing everyone out. However, BB commands Rapper King to grab Shu's Talispod and so attacks him. Shu Reborns Shiron to battle the Maze Octopus. DWC wins easily with a Wing Tornado. BB recalls Rapper while being blown away, though it takes long like when he was Reborn. The wind changes direction; Ranshiin wonders if it's because of the earth.

Major EventsEdit

  • Shu and company meet Rapper King the Maze Octopus


  • Rapper King the Maze Octopus


  • Eyecatch: Shiron & Rapper King
  • Richard/Robert reappears as Steve
    • This is his last appearance
  • Legendz appear to be concious of their locations, as Rapper King knew he was in New York City while inside his Souldoll.