"I'll be fine, Greedo. I'll be fine. I'll be fine!"

Selba is one of the character in Legendz : Tale of the Dragon Kings anime.


"Greedo... my... friend..."
—Selba's last words, before her death

She was the previous Hi no Saga at the past Legendz War before Dino. While Greedo, Wolfy and Leon were going to the battle in their Elemental Legion form, Greedo noticed Selba's energy was depleting, and was in critical state. Instead of telling them to stop, Selba told Greedo to keep going on, telling him that she will be fine. A moment later, after Greedo and his company were back to Selba, the fact showed that her life was on the stake, and not long after that, she dies after saying her last words to Greedo, thus leaving him in a great shock.