Shuzo "Shu" Matsutani (シュウゾウ・マツタニ Shūzō Matsutani) is the "Kaze no Saga" or "Wind Saga". A very absent-minded, irresponsible

Shuzo Matsutani and his White Talispod

11-year-old boy who loves baseball (despite that he is terrible at the actual game) and cute girls (which upsets Meg greatly). Shu seems to be an unlikely hero, but proves his worth later on throughout the series. His Legendz is Shiron the Windragon. He is the President of the Legendz Club. He got his Talispod from his father who worked at the Dark Wiz Company. He originally thought it was defective and was ready to sell it to BB, but Meg and Mac made him realize that it must've been something important for them to want it. He is then chased through New York City; at the top of billboard, BB sends out Goblin to scare him. Shu tries to give the Talispod to them but it flies back into his hand. The wind suddenly blows and a Souldoll appears, attaches itself to the Talispod and Reborns itself. A silhouette of a dragon appears, frightening everyone, but the silhouette disappears and Nezuccho appears and falls on Shu's head, visibly disturbed. The Goblins attack Shu and he runs down the billboard with Nezuccho on his rear. Shu tries to send the Nezuccho and the Talispod back but Nezuccho weighs the Talispod back into Shu's hand and hits him. He then becomes a Souldoll and Shu tries to Reborn him, calling out "Dabong" instead, until BB corrects him and he sends Shiron out. Shiron scolds him and puts him on his back to fight. At the end of the battle, Shu is in shock while Shiron questions himself if he really is the Wind Saga.

In the second episode, it is shown that he cares more about his baseball cards than his friends when BB tosses is baseball cards away and holds Meg as a hostage, only to have Shu grab the cards instead. Shu easily gets bored and distracted and calls Dino a snob. He came up with the theme song and the cheering song for the Legendz Club which he also created. Whenever in a Club-related activity, Shu has a small white flag with the Legendz Club logo on it.

He makes a cameo appearance in the last chapter of the manga along with Meg Sprinkle.

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