Strangers In The Sight (Japanese: 何でどうしてどうなるの!? What? Why? What happens?) is the 14th episode of the Legendz anime. It aired on July 4, 2004 and is directed by Akitaro Daichi.

Strangers In The Sight
Season 1, Episode 14
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When The Wind Blows


Zuou is attacking Garion for accidentally hurting Meg while Shu and Dino unsuccessfully try to wake her up. Zuou grabs Meg and runs away with her. Shu, Dino and Shiron follow behind. Garion and Greedo begin to discuss the arrival of the Legendz, while Greedo admits he believes they shouldn't have been awakened yet. Zuou is cornered by Shu and the others, telling him to release Meg. Zuou refuses, wanting to protect her. Shu tries in vain to pry Meg out of Zuou's arms. Meg eventually wakes up in Zuou's arms to her horror and demands to be released and returned home. Meg states her hatred for Legendz, causing Zuou to sadly retreat. Shiron returns to the Legendz and requests Mac to be handed over. Garion explains that the purpose of Legendz is to destroy civilisation before it loses control. Ranshiin reveales this to be the Legendz War. Outside, BB and JJ begin to feel like things are going to get worse, after a storm occured.

At her place, Halca is learning about the Legendz War. Garion continues to explain the War to Shiron, who doesn't understand why war should be the solution. Shiron then reveals that he's also a Windragon. This surprises Garion, as she claims there is only one Windragon. Shiron explains to Garion his encounter with the other Legendz; Giant Crab, Dandy, Cait Sith and Rapper King. Garion suspects the Legendz are being forcibily awakened, while Greedo tells everyone that he suspects Ranshiin. Garion confronts Ranshiin, who escapes. Garion suddenly collapses, claiming that she loses all of her strength. Greedo explains that they cannot be Reborn for long, as they drain their Saga's energy. Garion relunctantly agrees and deborns herself, releasing Mac. Greedo also returns to Dino. Zuou, who had returned to attack Garion, brings Mac to the others, though Meg angrily tells him to leave. Mac doesn't remember the events happening to him and falls asleep. Halca learns of two types of wind that will open the door to a new world... Shiron questions his purpose while the kids are still in shock from the events.

Major EventsEdit

  • Meg begins to hate Legendz.
  • Shiron learns of the Legendz War.
  • It is revealed there should only be one Windragon.
  • Halca learns of the two types of winds.



  • Eyecatch: Shiron & Zuou
  • Eigo Ata is seen reading the upcoming developments in Legendz
  • This episode's name is a pun on Strangers in the Night