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Talisdams can carry three souldolls, and are able to create the Elemental Legions. There are three variations in the series (Volcano, Tornado, Spiritual).


Made by Sasuke Matsutani and Bruno Sparks (Shu's father and Dino's father respectively), Talisdams have three Soul Doll docking bays and are able to create the Elemental Legions (Red, Blue, Gold). The idea is first mentioned in Episode 16, when Bruno decided to make his own Talispod to cheer Dino up, he thought up the idea of merging three Talispods together. The first one (Volcano) was made in Episode 24, where Greedo, Wolfy and Leon lived in it. The first succeeded in episode 26. The second (Tornado) appeared in Episode 31, when it was finished and somehow flew to Shu itself. The third (Spiritual) appeared in episode 43, and was eventually used in episode 49.


Tornado Elemental Legion (Blue)
Tornado elemental legion
Fusion of Shiron, Zuou, and Garion
Volcano Elemental Legion (Red)
Red Elemental Legion

Volcano Elemental Legion in episode 26.

Fusion of Greedo, Wolfy, and Leon
Spiritual Elemental Legion (Gold)
Gold Elemental Legion
Fusion of Shiron, Garion, and Greedo
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