The Talispod is a device that was designed to be where the soul doll of the Legendz is to be used in. This device is used by the Legendz player to feed, train, 'love" and to unleash the Legendz in battle.

There are two ways on how the Talispod was created. In the manga (comic), the Talispod was created by a group of scientists that made it in order to create the game. But According to the anime Shu (the main charecter) father created the Talispod for the same reason.

Talispods are now
selling in Japan only. There is no news of the company of selling Talispods in any other place. It may be possible to buy in the internet.

Kinds of TalispodsEdit

According to other sources, the Talispod comes in the following colours that go with the anime.

1. The Wind Talispod (as seen in the picture over there): it's owner is Shu and can reborn Shiron the Windragon.

2. The Fire Talispod: It's owner is Dino and can reborn Greedo the Blazedragon.

3. The Earth Talispod: It's owner is Mac and can reborn Garion the Griffin.

4. The Water Talispod: It's owner is Meg and can reborn Zuou the Bigfoot.

5. The Darkness Talispod: It's owner is Yul Hepburn and can reborn Jabberwock.


  • It's unknown what happened to the Sagas' Talispods after they lose their memories about Legendz in the last episode. Meg, Mac and Dino's Talispods may have disappeared after the Legendz left the Sagas, while Shu's become a normal one (defective).

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