Three Ground Bulls
Season 1, Episode 34
EP34 title
Directed by Akitaro Daichi
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Three Ground Bulls (Japanese: モォ~っと3匹ウシが来た!) is the 34th episode of the Legendz anime.


DWC's president goes on a vacation, declaring that he hates RanshiinHalca continues to research on Legendz, but is stumped. Then she recalls Ranshiin mentioning the CEO of DWC may know more about Legendz and goes in search of him.

At the hideout, Garion continues telling the gang about the history of Legendz along with the main purpose of Legendz in the world. Shu and Shiron complain it's too long, and suggests making it into a manga or anime. Garion then tries using pictures to explain the history of the world regarding Legendz, and mentions the Legendz War, the end of civilisation.Shu disagrees with the timeline that Garion drew.

Garion's art

Meanwhile, Ranshiin is in his hideout wondering if he'll win against Shiron. At the same time, Halca continues to search for the CEO's office in the DWC, and notices a hidden elevator. She takes it and ends up in the CEO's office, in which there is a talking computer with information on Legendz, as well as a picture of the CEO and Halca's younger version on a desk. 

Shu and the gang ponder over what Garion had mentioned about the Legendz War while at Central Park and Shu declares he'll not let it happen. Behemoth then appears at the park, along with two other Legendz and begin to wreak havoc under Ranshiin's command. In response, Shu and the gang (with some persuasion) reborn their Legendz to fight. After a Shift Element, the appearance of the Wind Elemental Legion, and Greedo's Zoldyck Viper, the three Legendz are defeated and peace returns. Back at the hideout, while the children watch a news report on the damage, Shiron and Garion are on the roof commenting on the Legendz War and Garion mentions that a Dragon King may be able to stop the war, a Dragon King of Light. At the same time, Halca sees a yellow-coloured talisdam on the computer and the computer says it is a Spiritual Talisdam......


  • Behemoth
  • The Spiritual Talisdam


  • Garion is revealed to be a good artist and talkative as well.
  • In the scene where Halca first enters the CEO's office, a page on Harpy can be seen in reverse.