When You Wish Upon A Spark
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date 12 September 2004
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Alone Again, Unnaturally
Mr. Sparkle Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Beast
When You Wish Upon a Spark (Japanese: 君と見上げた夜の空)  is the 23rd episode of the Legendz anime. 


Shiron, now alone and even more weaker from not being in his talispod for a prolonged period of time, falls in an alley due to fatigue. Shu and the others (excluding Dino), however are getting ready to observe the fireworks with their yukatas. Mac had even prepared one for Shiron. When Shu realises Shiron still hasn't returned, he goes off to find a battle against Ranshiin with Shiron on the losing end. With the appearance of Shu and a quick rest via a quick "Come back!" and "Reborn!", Shiron manages to defeat Ranshiin after turning to Command Windragon form as a result of Shu's determination ("The fireworks are almost over") Greedo then appears with Dino, tearing a hole in the roof to find Shiron, and letting a wind through the hole. The wind then blows to Ranshiin, touching his wing and actually 'washing; some of the black colour off, revealing a white part. Panicked, Ranshiin dashes into his device and zooms out of the warehouse through the hole Greedo made. Shiron then joins Greedo with Shu on his back and heads off to view the fireworks in a place different from the rest of the gang: on a rooftop.

Major Events

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  • Command Windragon


While Shu is 'complaining' about the fireworks, causing Shiron to change form, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Ken from the manga
Untitled 2

Shu while commanding Shiron