Wolfy the Werewolf (ウォルフィ Whorufi ?)

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screenshot from episode 30


Wolfy/Balthus in the manga

He is an Earth-type Legendz who takes an appearance of a werewolf. A member of Greedo's group, G-W-Nicole.

In the manga, he is one of the first Legendz to appear,under the ownership of Shunsuke Dekai. However, he has a different name: Balthus.


Past Legendz WarEdit

He was shown along with Greedo, Leon and Selba before he turned into Volcano Elemental Legion to defeat Killbeat, however, they failed.

Legendz : Tale of the Dragon KingsEdit


Screenshot from episode 25

The fate reunited him with Leon and Greedo in episode 22 (Alone Again, Unnaturally). Later on, after feeling tired of getting out from the Souldoll for a long time, he and Leon
Greedo, Wolfy, Leon

The fated meeting.

decided to stay at Greedo's "house", only to find out Greedo's Souldoll environment wasn't suited for them, until Dino's father completed the Talisdam and they immediately made use of it.

He, along with Leon and Greedo, appeared in the rest of the episodes helping out the Sagas in many battles.

Legendz WarEdit

Being affected by Shiron's wind, he returned to his wild, uncontrollable state. Greedo, who was unaffected by the wind, tried to stop Leon and Wolfy and get their senses back, although it was no use, resulting in both of them not listening to Greedo at all.

When Wind-Maker opens the gate to the Legendz Kingdom, he was pulled in along with all affected Legendz and the four Sagas to commence the Legendz War against Jabberwock. Unfortunately, they couldn't stand against it, thus resulting in reverted state to his Souldoll, and then, destroyed by Jabberwock.

Going back six step backwardsEdit

He was showed at the last episodes along with other affected Legendz, getting his consciousness back after Jabberwock's defeat, and reunited with Greedo and Leon. After he started to dissapear, he did a last yells with the group, to then, back to his respective element, the earth.

Attacks and TechniquesEdit

  • Grand Blow: Wolfy's signature move. He casts a spell to call upon the power of earth, then jabs his sword to the ground to make a blow on the enemy. Wolfy has two ways to do this attack, either he does it with his sword or directly attacks using his fists.
  • Matching Tandem: Wolfy swings his swords to blow his enemies away. This attack is seen in Crouching Leader, Hidden Dragon during the battle against the dark crystal Legendz.


  • He's one of the first Legendz shown in the anime as a hologram on the first episode along with Fire Giant.
  • Wolfy is also one of the first Legendz shown in the manga, in a battle against Ririko's Mermaid.
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